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Feature Article: Five Running Books You Should Be Reading
There are a lot of books about running. There are memoirs by famous marathoners, how-to guides on running your first 5K, and fictional stories of athletes. But, when you poll runners, the same favorite books come up again and again. These are not training manuals — of which there are also many — but stories about being a runner. >>>READ MORE


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Here at Run Intended, we’re all about the running and fitness community! That’s why you’ll see us at many of the local health and fitness events and running expos. Come see us! Check out our product and chat with us about training, running and, well… anything you like!  LEARN MORE

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Had pretty much no motivation to get out and run 3 x 1 mile this morning. Basically because my house was cozy and I knew this workout would be TOUGH. ? But, it was gorgeous, the legs felt strong & I NAILED the pace! WOOT! ???? Hope your miles are strong ones today! #motherrunner #run #babymama #milerepeats #runfast #oiselleteam
How mother running sometimes looks! ?? When the boy is hungry... Sometimes there's just no waiting in his mind! And a happy baby = a happy run. • 
#mama #normalizebreastfeeding #running #motherrunner
and I've never met a pumpkin I didn't like. ?
•When Sister and I were little, we obsessed about picking what we called the ugliest pumpkin in the patch. We were always so worried that no one else would give it a home if we didn't. I told Oscar all about it today as we picked our pumpkins. The ugly ones are all at home on our porch. ?? I bet Sister found the ones I missed... #pumpkinpatch #babyboy #fallday @soergelsgarden
A whole year between these two photos! What a crazy beautiful year it has been. ?? #6monthsold #runnerbaby #oneyear
These boys... ?? A gorgeous day and an awesome 11 miles. Oscar snoozed for most of the run (he and Anthony did 7 miles with me) and I was happy to feel strong from start to finish. ?? #motherrunner So happy to see the leaves changing color-- it couldn't have been more perfect out there. Hope your miles we're great ones today! ?
#womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #bamr #badassmother #mama #letsrun #familyrun
Last boat ride of the season... ??? #love #PGH #waterbaby
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